Artist Information


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1) Who determines the design, theme, and style of the mural?

Hub City Walls strives to bring unique and engaging murals to the City of Nanaimo, through consultation with the artist, wall donor,  community, and the City of Nanaimo. Artists are encouraged to submit their original designs with the theme, palette, and style of their choosing. 

  1. The Wall Donor will be permitted to one round of feedback. Artists are expected to work collaboratively with the Wall Donors wherever possible. If collaboration cannot be reached, the Artist will still be paid their design fee.
  2. Hub City Walls reserves final approval of mural subject matter, and further reserves the right to cancel the Artist Agreement if the mural design does not meet standard or quality of Hub City Walls, including painting an unapproved design, not submitting a request for changes by the deadline, or not utilizing the full mural space.

2) How much are your Artists paid? 

  • Investing in our community’s creative economy is an important pillar of Hub City Walls.  All of our artists are paid, including those painting live at the festival and performing on our mainstage. Fees are negotiated based on a combination of typical festival rates, experience, profile, wall size, painting duration, and other factors. We budget between $1000 to $2000 per mural. 

Hub City Walls will purchase and distribute to Artists all needed  supplies. Artists will be required to submit an itemized supply request including the type of paint (Example: oil, acrylic, spraypaint- high pressure or low pressure), types of brushes or caps, and other materials artists deem needed to complete the design. Suppliers and brands will be chosen by Hub City Walls, and Hub City Walls reserves the right to reject supplies deemed outside of the reasonable scope required to complete the agreed-upon design.

3) Do you help with travel?

Hub City Walls is unable to provide assistance with travel; however, we make every effort to assist with billeting arrangements for visiting Artists.

4) What happens after I’m selected? 

Selected artists will be sent a contract for perusal. Once signed, the artists will be given two weeks to provide a rough sketch, a proposed colour scheme, a bio, and a headshot. Upon receiving these items, a 10% design fee will be paid. Artists will then coordinate their painting schedule and paint/supply order with the Artistic Director..

 5) How do artists work with private building owners?

In the case of privately-owned walls, Wall Donors are given the opportunity during the application process to indicate the artistic styles they are enthusiastic about. Matches are made between artists and walls based on those suggestions and the submitted designs. Building owners will have one opportunity to consult with the artist for a draft alteration. If collaboration cannot be reached, the artist will still be paid their design fee.

6)  How and when would I get paid? 

The remaining 90% of the Artist Fee will be sent to Artists with completed murals by Aug 15, 2020. Any Artist who fails to complete their design forfeits the remainder of the monetary compensation. Any artist who alters their design after the final round of feedback may be fined up to $5,000 in repainting fees and barred from participating in future events. If Artist needs an extension to finish artwork due to unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances, an agreement shall be reached between Hub City Walls and the Artist. 

7) Who is responsible for insurance? 

Hub City Walls will hold the appropriate event and liability insurance policies for the duration of the festival. Artists must sign a liability waiver to participate.

8) When would I have to be in Nanaimo?

Artists must be available on Saturday, August 15th, 2020, for an artists panel and wrap up celebration. The painting will take place between August 5th -August 14th. 

9) After the mural is completed, who is responsible for maintenance and repairs? 

Maintenance will be the responsibility of the Wall Donor. In the instance the mural needs to be repaired, the Wall Donor may contact Humanity In Community to facilitate the necessary repairs with the original artist, when possible. Wall Donors are responsible for any additional payment to the Artist.

The Wall Donor agrees to keep the original mural for at least five years. The Artist and Wall Donor agree to not alter the original design unless mural is deemed irreparable.

10) Who owns the right to the design and final mural? 

Hub City Walls reserves the rights to the final design and final image of the mural. The Artists will be credited and/or their tag utilized on replications and publications of the image or design, where possible and excluding advertisements. The image will be used for future promotional material and merchandise for  Hub City Walls.

Artists are encouraged to showcase their mural and the festival on their social media platforms, and tag Hub City Walls and #HubCityWalls where possible. Artists retain the right to use the design and final image of their mural in their portfolios. Wall Donors may use the image for promotional purposes, excluding advertising, and agree to credit the Artist and Hub City Walls.

11) When do submissions close? 

The artist submission period is open from January 15th, 2020 to March 6th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

Please note:

No gratuitous violence, racism, or hateful content is permitted. The mural shall not include any business signage, branding or logos, advertising, political or religious messages.

Artist applications are now closed.